Playing online slots for free

Don't be surprised at winning a few million dollars by playing online slots for free. Yes, that's entirely possible, so keep reading this online gambling guide. Before laying your first real money bet, please create your free account on . This process would take just a few minutes.

What are online slots?

These slot machines work on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Online slots don't differ much from their land-based cousins. You play your game by clicking the Spin button on your device. If you land a winning combination of symbols, you win your game. Every slot has a few symbols.

Classic slots have bars, 7s, bells, etc. Video slots have more diverse symbols. Each symbol has a different value. In video slots, the low value ones typically comprise the top cards of the suite. High value symbols vary from one game to another. Some video slots have special symbols.


Paylines, Reels and RTP

Video slots have paylines. These may be straight or zig-zag, joining different symbols on the game screen. Paylines represent the winning possibilities in a given game. The more paylines in a slot, the greater are the winning possibilities in that game. When you bet on more paylines, your chances of winning improve.

All slots have reels. These are placed vertically and carry symbols. You spin these reels by clicking the Spin button on your game screen. Players should also watch out for their video slot's Return to Player percentage. This metric indicates their slot's profitability over a period. Slots may have 96% , 97% RTP, etc.

Mobile friendly slots

It is not necessary that you play slots only on your desktop. These days, most online slots can be played on mobile phones and tablets. The modern gambler is more comfortable playing his game on Apple , Samsung, Nokia or Blackberry. He wants to play his slot in the café, in office, while travelling, etc.

Since most online slots are built around HTML, you don't really need to download or install them on your device. Simply type the URL in the browser bar, and launch your game. Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox support most online slots. Go on, try your game on your mobile device.

Slots and volatility

Every slot behaves in its own way. There are some slots that can make you rich or poor in a matter of seconds. These games have high variance or volatility. At the other end of the spectrum are slots that pay very small sums of money over a period.